1. You must have at least $200.000 in GTA Online.

NOTE: Above packages will be applied to your personal PSN Account.

Also after placing the order, you will be able to use your PSN account, but when our modder will log in to your account, turn Off your PS5/PS4 and wait.


What is GTA 5 Boosting service for PS4 and PS5?

GTA 5 Boosting service for PS4 & ps5 is a service that gives you the ability to boost your GTA 5 Money, Rank, Stats, and Unlocks. GTA 5 Account Boost for PS4 is applied to your existing GTA 5 account.


Are you tired of not having enough money in GTA Online, also not having enough level to unlock your favourite item in-game, resulting in not enjoying the game to the fullest?

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On top of that, we offer an anti-ban warranty with every package you buy. That means you will be provided with another modded account if your account gets ban during the boosting process; this won’t be valid If you get a ban using in-game glitches. But don’t worry, OPModz have the best modders in the whole market who knows how to get the thing done safely.


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At the point when you purchase PS4, PS5 GTA 5 Boosting from OPModz, you are not just buying a GTA 5 boost from OPModz. You will also be getting the best after-sales service, which doesn’t charge you a penny. All the GTA Boosting services sold by are of the most extraordinary quality. We boost your account carefully so that you do not face any issues later in the future! Customer satisfaction is our priority.

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